Birthday Wishes

Tim was thinking about going for high-speed spin along the deserted sea wall to celebrate his 80th birthday.

He would lean heavily to one side to counterbalance the dangerous camber of the path. He’d deploy his infamous invincibility shield to defend him from loitering covid dropules left by illegal joggers out sneezing earlier this morning. Obviously, he’d use his mobility scooter’s 4WD function to scramble over the mountains of stones the recent storms had strewn across the path.  Finally, he’d need to dodge the bored policeman lurking in the car park, waiting to ticket adventurous pensioners breaking lockdown on non-essential jaunts along the seaside.

Just thinking about it was probably enough for today.

Maybe he’d do it tomorrow.


Happy Birthday Dad! We love you xxxxxxxx

Made in 1940

Written like a spoof classified car ad, this design celebrates anyone you know whose birthday was 1940. 

Made for my Dad, Tim, who was a car dealer for 40 years and used to run a second-hand Citroen dealership called The Polygon Garage in Clapham, London.

Available to buy on t-shirts, mugs, cushions, coasters etc from my shop on RedBubble

Classic Model 1940 Mug for sale on RedBubble
Classic Model 1940 Mug for sale on RedBubble


Classic Tshirt for sale on Redbubble
Classic Tshirt for sale on Redbubble


Made this for my superhero Dad after he beat non hodgkin’s lymphoma, survived chemotherapy and the seemingly never-ending  2 years of neutropenia it caused him, where he was beset by every germ under the sun. It was along road to a miracuous recovery. You are a miracle Dad.