Top Hat – My circus, my monkeys

My Circus, My Monkeys. Top Hat design from Tipsy Lizard.

Available at Redbubble on tshirts, mugs, water bottles, tote bags, cushions and more.

A simple hand-drawn cartoon of a Ringmaster’s Top Hat with funny, upbeat message, “My Circus, my monkeys”. Positive and perfect for these crazy times this is a design for someone who’s in control, or wants to look like they are!

Perfect for a homeschooling mum, dad or kid, or start-up. Plus circus and show folk. Wear for homeschooling or work meetings, zoom calls, starting a business or if you just need cheering up. Don’t let a global pandemic or the coronavirus get you down.

Clear and simple, the design can be read easily on Zoom calls or across a room.

An original design by Lizzie Sherwood-Smith from her “Life in Lockdown” series.

Now mattter what’s happening out there, just remember, this is your show and these are your monkeys!

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