Sunny Days at the Beach

Baby Blanket – RESERVED
Rum Punches and Buckets
Straw Hat
Big and Little Chair
Santa Hats / Rum
Santa Hats / Red Shades
Coconut Cocktail
Santa Hats / Green Bottle
Blue Stripes
Green Chairs
Cowboy Hats and Cocktails
Cowboy Hats and Beach Ball
Beach Bag

The fun thing about these acrylic paintings is that the buckets and beach chairs are three-dimensional so they make a shadow on the painting depending on the light.

These are for sale directly from me or at Providence Christmas Fair on Sunday 27th November 2018. $100 BBD each, that is $50 US.

If you would like me to personalise one for you, I would be happy to $200 BBD. You can tell me how many chairs and how many buckets you want to symbolise your family! I can also add in Santa hats and rum punches.



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